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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) 1. a deceptive move in sports or the military that uses any distracting maneuver to draw the opponent away from the real target; 2. a false appearance or action which is feigned to divert attention from one's real purpose; (n.) to pretend or create a feint

Synonyms: (n.) diversion, deception, trick, maneuver, artifice, distraction, sham, (v.) pretend, fool, fake, mislead, dodge, evade, hedge, maneuver, sidestep


Tips: A feint is that which is feigned (see feign); it is a pretense with the intent of misleading. A boxer can feign a jab without a full extension, and when his opponent blocks, he can move into the unprotected area. The feigned jab is a feint. To feint is to conceal your moves by sidestepping your competition. When used as a verb, it is the most accurate way to describe a basketball player who feints (fakes) a shot to throw off his opponent. Anything you can do in a strategic conflict that leads your opponent to believe you will do something else is a feint. Note: Do not confuse feint with faint, which means "to lose consciousness." If you were to pretend to faint (pass out) to throw off your opponent and make him think you were weak or nervous, that would be a feint.

Usage Examples:

Baseball pitchers may feint a different type of pitch than they actually intend on throwing. (pretend, fake) verb

The fast food chain was continually being imitated, so the CEO feinted a marketing maneuver twist to throw off the competitors. (faked, fabricated, maneuvered) verb

It may be risky, but hitting a second serve in tennis with full force is the perfect feint to catch your opponent off guard. (trick, tactical maneuver) noun

The basketball player feinted a jump shot and then dribbled the ball past his opponent for an easy lay-up. (faked, pretended) verb

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