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Definition: 1. based on an illogical, unsound premise; 2. false, yet deceptive and tending to mislead

Synonyms: illogical, irrational, unsound, false, erroneous, invalid, misleading, deceptive

Antonyms: logical, rational, correct, substantiated, valid

Tips: For the word fallacious, think "false." Fallacious can simply mean false or not correct, but is usually used to describe someone being deceptively false. Also, think of the related word fallacy, which is a misconception or a false belief. If someone is being fallacious, that person is trying to get you to "fall" for a fallacy. It would be a fallacious (false, misleading) argument to try to convince someone of the fallacy (misconception) that donuts can be healthy.

Usage Examples:

Your hasty generalization is fallacious because you didn't take time to do adequate research. (illogical, invalid)

He lost the debate because his arguments were based on fallacious reasoning. (false, incorrect)

The case was overturned when it was determined that one of the witnesses had given a fallacious testimony. (false, misleading)

It was a fallacious argument, with no evidence behind it. (illogical, unsound, invalid)

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