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Definition: 1. an aspect of something; 2. any of the faces of a cut gemstone; 3. in anatomy, any smooth flat area on a hard surface such as a bone or a tooth

Synonyms: aspect, phase, component, factor, side, element

Antonyms: whole

Tips: Facet is derived from the French facette, literally meaning “little face." A diamond has many "small faces," facets. An issue can have many facets (faces). You need to know each facet (aspect) of an issue to truly understand it. If something has multiple faces or dimensions, it is multifaceted.

Usage Examples:

This is a very complex issues with many different facets. (aspects, sides)

The consultants came in and learned every facet of our business before they made any recommendations. (aspect, element)

The diamond had more than 60 facets, making it an absolutely brilliant stone. (sides)

He reviewed every facet of the issue to prepare for his debate. (element, aspect)

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