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noun, adjective

Definition: (n.) 1. the furthest point from the middle; 2. the highest or furthest degree of something; (adj.) 1. most distant in any direction; 2. to the greatest possible extent; 3. beyond what is normal or reasonable

Synonyms: farthest, highest, utmost, maximum, ultimate, ultra, intense, radical, excessive, remote, drastic, severe, fanatical

Antonyms: median, normal, average

Tips: Extreme comes from the Latin word extremus, "farthest, last." Anything extreme is the opposite of middle-of-the-road.

Usage Examples:

He's into all kinds of extreme sports and often gets himself into dangerous situations. (intense, radical) adjective

Early explorers traveled to the extreme ends of the earth, looking for anything that had not yet been discovered. (farthest, highest) adjective

I think she may have bipolar disorder because her moods can go from one extreme to the other very quickly and without warning. (far point) noun

She went to extreme lengths to keep her parents from finding out that she got a "D" in algebra. (excessive, drastic) adjective

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