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Definition: done without any advance preparation

Synonyms: unrehearsed, unprepared, off-the-cuff, improvised, spontaneous, impromptu

Antonyms: rehearsed, prepared, planned

Tips: Extemporaneous is derived from the Latin ex tempore, "out of the moment." Something extemporaneous is unrehearsed and unplanned, like an off-the-cuff speech. To extemporize means "to improvise," or make it up as you go along. Extemporaneous is synonymous with impromptu. See impromptu for additional analysis on how and when to use each word.

Usage Examples:

His extemporaneous speech was actually quite good for having been improvised. (unprepared, off-the-cuff)

Although the new CEO hadnít planned on delivering a speech on his first day, he did offer a few extemporaneous comments of encouragement to his employees. (spontaneous, impromptu)

The pianist was forced to extemporize when the singer decided to sing a song they had not rehearsed together. (improvise) verb

All of the laughter garnered by Charlie's extemporaneous comedy routine convinced him that he should become a professional comedian. (improvised, spontaneous)

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