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Definition: describes something very old, yet still existing--not lost or destroyed

Synonyms: surviving, existent, undestroyed, remaining

Antonyms: dead, departed, destroyed, extinct, gone

Tips: Extant is used to refer to something old, but still existing. An author or artist can be distinguished as extant. When discussing literature or manuscripts, extant refers to archaic works, those that could logically have been lost or destroyed. Biologists hold lists of genera classifications for extant species to specify those which are not extinct.

Usage Examples:

It is challenging for biologists to track extant plant species in the rainforest, as some of them are destroyed daily. (surviving, existent)

The Discovery channel did a series on extant Mesoamerican artifacts and their significance to the culture. (undestroyed, remaining)

Because he is so recluse, J.D. Salinger is probably one of the most famous extant authors that people mistake for being dead. (living)

Many people thought the ancient writings were destroyed, so you can imagine the historian's joy when he learned that they were extant and carefully preserved in a case. (surviving, existent)

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