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Definition: 1. to purposely delete information from a piece of writing; 2. to wipe out or destroy, as in a memory or an offense

Synonyms: erase, delete, remove, efface, omit, purge, destroy, extinguish, excise, eradicate, obliterate

Antonyms: include, add, create, restore

Tips: A proofreader will scrutinize text and expunge unnecessary words, phrases, or sentences. Hunters may expunge a species into near extinction. A person may want to expunge his bad credit or criminal record. In business, expunge is a sophisticated way of denoting editing and deleting of unnecessary text from a document. For a memory trick, note how expunge sounds like "a sponge." Now imagine you are expunging (erasing) graffiti from a wall, with a sponge.

Usage Examples:

The woman underwent hynosis in order to expunge the terrible memory. (erase, excise, purge)

She had tried to quit several times, but once she became pregnant, Nina expunged her smoking habit once and for all. (extinguished, purged)

I was wrongly accused of harassment and set out to expunge any record of the false accusation. (erase, delete)

Although I was still angry, I decided to expunge any negative comments from my e-mail before I hit "send." (delete, omit)

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