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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to take unfair advantage of a person or situation, especially for profit; 2. to utilize to the best practical account; (n.) a daring, unusual, brave, or funny feat

Synonyms: (v.) abuse, capitalize, fleece, manipulate, administer, execute, implement, (n.) accomplishment, adventure, escapade, venture


Tips: Exploit is most commonly used in a negative manner to describe taking unfair advantage of someone. When used as a noun, exploit is more positive. One speaks of exploits (achievements, adventures) with pride or affection. As a verb, exploit can be used in a positive sense if it denotes taking full advantage of an opportunity.

Usage Examples:

Employees who don't keep abreast of current labor laws may find themselves being exploited. (fleeced, manipulated) verb

Edgar's tales of his kids' latest expoits kept us entertained throughout lunch. (accomplishments, adventures) noun

Politicians are always looking for ways to exploit their opponents' weaknesses. (capitalize on, manipulate) verb

I think this new product enhancement will provide us with a unique competitive advantage, so let's exploit it to its fullest. (utilize, execute) verb

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