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adjective, noun

Definition: (adj.) 1. convenient as a means to an end, sometimes not morally acceptable; 2. governed by self-interest; (n.) a means to an end, often not principled or ethical

Synonyms: (adj.) convenient, practical, advantageous, efficient, opportunistic, timesaving, profitable, (n.) expediency, means, device

Antonyms: inexpedient

Tips: In all of its forms, expedient usually refers to a quick resolution or solution to a problem, but sometimes not a morally acceptable one. Expedient can be used as either a compliment, when describing an efficient or practical solution to a problem, or as a critique, when referring to an opportunistic or self-serving plan. The adjective expedient refers to something helpful or useful. The noun expedient is an action that is expedient--that is something done to create a quick resolution or solution. You will often hear of a political expedient--a political act that was done to appease a group, but may be questionable.

Usage Examples:

Forcing employees to work overtime without overtime pay is an expedient solution to our cash-flow problem, but in the long-run, it may affect company morale. (advantageous, opportunistic, practical) adjective

When working with contractors, it is expedient not to pay them until the job is completed to your satisfaction. (advantageous, practical) adjective

The steel tariff created by the President was a political expedient to help win support from union workers in the steel industry, but ultimately caused higher steel prices. (means, devise) noun

Under the circumstances, it was expedient for me to apologize for my mistake and continue with my work, even though I didn't do anything wrong. (advantageous) adjective

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