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Definition: 1. to remove a body from a grave for reburial or medical investigation; 2. to revive from obscurity and bring to light something long neglected

Synonyms: disentomb, disinter, unearth, expose, dredge up, disclose, unveil

Antonyms: bury, entomb, inhume

Tips: Exhume is derived from the Latin ex-, "out of" with humus, "earth." Literally, exhuming is taking out of the earth--exhuming a previously buried corpse. Figuratively, it can be used to bring anything back from death or obscurity--something that was figuratively buried.

Usage Examples:

The museum of photographic arts featured exhumed prints recently recovered from the artist's family's basement. (dredged up, unveiled)

Some societies are fervently and religiously against any exhuming of a dead body. (unearthing, digging up)

The author would have never been known if it wasn't for the critic who exhumed his book from an old library and gave it critical acclaim. (dredged up, unveiled)

I was able to exhume old clothes, pictures, and other nostalgic memorabilia from my parents' storage room. (unearth, uncover)

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