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Definition: 1. worthy of imitation; 2. serving as a perfect model or example; 3. designed to be severe and serve as a warning to others (as in a punishment)

Synonyms: laudable, praiseworthy, quintessential, worthy, emblematic, typical, illustrative, representative, cautionary, dissuasive, monitory

Antonyms: reprehensible, substandard, awful, atypical, anomalous

Tips: An across-the-board definition for exemplary is "to serve as an example." A judge, for instance, may award "exemplary damages" to be a warning to other would-be criminals. "Exemplary behavior" is praiseworthy and is an example of the right way to be. Exemplify is a related verb and means "to demonstrate," usually referring to demonstrating the "right" way of doing something.

Usage Examples:

Through exemplary conduct and fierce determination, he climbed his way to the top ranks of the military. (laudable, praiseworthy)

Through the exemplary jail sentence for the 15 year old, the judge hoped to curb violent behavior amongst other young gang members. (cautionary, dissuasive)

He ran an exemplary project, which I want everyone to use as a model for future success. (model, perfect)

I believe every U.S. soldier exemplifies the courage and character of our great nation. (typifies, characterizes) verb

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