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Definition: 1. to complete or perform fully, especially in a planned way; 2. to put into effect and carry out (as in a decision); 3. to make valid by signing a deed; 4. to deal with someone's money or property according to instructions; 5. to perform the skills or basics of a sport or play; 6. to run a computer file or program in response to a command or instruction; 7. to put to death, according to a legal sentence

Synonyms: carry out, accomplish, implement, effect, fulfill, control, direct, head, oversee, authorize, issue

Antonyms: abandon, disregard, neglect, mismanage, deny, frustrate, withhold

Tips: Execute, in its many applications, means "to do or carry out something fully." Common expressions are "execute a will," "execute a deed," "execute a play," "execute a (computer) command," "execute (put into effect) a decision," or "execute (put to death) a murderer." The related noun execution denotes the process of executing.

Usage Examples:

The Delta Force was sent in to execute a plan for dislodging the terrorists from the country in which they were residing. (accomplish, carry out)

There should be witnesses who are not beneficiaries when the will is being executed. (carried out, implemented)

I think you have a great idea; my question is, can you execute it without issues? (accomplish, carryout)

I think itís the right plan and idea, but I'm concerned that something might go wrong in the execution. (implementation) noun

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