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Definition: to cause irritation or annoyance

Synonyms: aggravate, rile, irk, incense, nettle, irritate, frustrate

Antonyms: appease, pacify, mollify, calm

Tips: The adjective form, exasperated, can be used to describe someone who is irritated, upset, frustrated, or "at wit's end." The noun exasperation refers to irritation or frustration. The word exacerbate is usually used differently than the word exasperate, although they sound similar and are often confused. People usually feel exasperated (frustrated, annoyed) and their problems can be exacerbated (made worse). Remember, exasperated has "per," so think a person being annoyed or exasperated, and an ulcer, "cer," being exacerbated by stress.

Usage Examples:

It is every teenager's job to exasperate his or her parents. (aggravate, nettle)

The dancer stomped off in exasperation at the choreographer's refusal to create the scene her way. (frustration) noun

By day’s end, I felt completely exasperated by my boss’ many demands. (aggravated, riled) adverb

The exasperated look on his face told me that he had a difficult day. (irked, frustrated) adjective

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