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verb, adjective

Definition: (v.) to demand and obtain something often through force or threats; (adj.) correct or precise in quantity

Synonyms: (v.) demand, obtain, take, extort, (adj.) precise, accurate, correct

Antonyms: (v.) provide, ask, (adje.) inaccurate, wrong, incorrect

Tips: The most common use of the word exact is the adjective, meaning "precise, correct." For example, "I want exact change" means "I want the correct change that is due to me, no more, no less." The verb, to exact, is not used as often, but is a more sophisticated way of saying "demand and obtain." Exact is usually used to denote obtaining something illicitly or through force. The related adjective exacting means "demanding."

Usage Examples:

Plastic surgery exacts tremendous skill and dexterity. (demands) verb

I will do you this favor, but I am going to exact a big favor in return. (demand, obtain) verb

The blackmailers were able to exact over $200,000 from the executive by threatening to report his affair to his wife. (obtain, extort) verb

Professional bicyclists have to endure an exacting training schedule to prepare for the Tour De France. (demanding, rigorous) adjective

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