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Definition: 1. to stimulate and bring to mind memories from the past; 2. to provoke a reaction or emotion; 3. to recreate imaginatively

Synonyms: arouse, recall, awaken, generate, kindle, elicit, induce, summon, materialize

Antonyms: quell, repress, silence, stem, suppress, deter, quell

Tips: Evoke is derived from the Latin evocare, from vocare, "to call." Think, elicit or draw forth by naming, citing, or suggesting--"calling out." Think of awakening emotions or memories when using the work evoke.

Usage Examples:

It is amazing how music or certain smells can evoke moments from the past, seemingly long forgotten. (awaken, summon)

Discussion of his ex-wife evoked bitterness in him. (aroused, generated)

The eulogy helped evoke fond memories of our Grandma. (recall, elicit)

I was hoping our presentation would evoke a positive response from the client, but all we received were blank and stoic stares. (elicit, arouse)

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