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Definition: to eliminate something completely

Synonyms: destroy, obliterate, annihilate, eliminate, expunge

Antonyms: grow, help

Tips: Eradicate comes from the Latin eradicare, meaning "to pull up by the roots." From this, eradicate still means" to root out entirely." Eradication is the noun form, which refers to a process of destruction, elimination, or uprooting. For a memory trick, note how eradicate sounds like "a rat in a crate." Now imagine you have a crate of belongings which has been infested with rats. You call an exterminator and say, "I will not be happy until every rat in the crate is eradicated. I don't want to see a single rat in the crate, so please do a good job and eradicate the rats."

Usage Examples:

I wish I could eradicate my ant problem once and for all. (eliminate)

The eradication of native plants in this area is a real concern of conservationists. (destruction) noun

Literacy groups promote eradication of illiteracy. (elimination, expunging) noun

The termite inspector said that we'll need to tent and fumigate our house in order to eradicate the termites. (obliterate, eliminate)

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