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Definition: 1. extreme wickedness or evil; 2. an evil act; 3. the quality of being outrageous; 4. vast size or amount

Synonyms: evil, atrocity, immensity, enormousness, magnitude, vastness

Antonyms: goodness, smallness

Tips: There is much debate over whether enormity can share, with enormousness, the meaning of having a large size or quantity. Some scholars prefer only the usage associating enormity with something evil or bad. Also, some feel that with overuse of this word, it may lose its precision in meaning to describe an outrageous or hugely evil situation. Many people use the word enormity to denote "largeness," but remember that this is not the most correct use of this word.

Usage Examples:

It is impossible to understand the enormity of terrorists and their evil acts. (evil, atrocity)

The enormity of his mistake will surely result in his suspension. (magnitude, immensity)

All murder is horrible, but the enormity of this particular case is still hard to comprehend. (evil, immensity, wickedness)

Even a lifetime in prison would not make up for the enormity of his crimes. (evil, atrocity)

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