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Definition: 1. to fondly hug somebody; 2. to adopt or take up something, like a philosophy or cause; 3. to include something as part of something else

Synonyms: hug, encircle, enclose, enfold, adopt, accept, welcome, include

Antonyms: shove, dismiss, expel

Tips: The word embrace comes from the Old French embracer, "to take into your arms." As a noun, the word embrace simply means "a hug." Used literally, to embrace someone is to hug them and wrap your arms around them. Used figuratively, you can embrace an idea or a philosophy with a figurative hug because you believe in it so much.

Usage Examples:

She embraced me warmly in welcome. (hugged, welcomed)

Sharon happily embraced the traditions of her new home country. (adopted, accepted)

Our client wholeheartedly embraced our suggestions for the new advertising campaign. (accepted, welcomed)

His embrace was warm and kind and immediately eased my tension. (hug) noun

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