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Definition: 1. to come from or out of; 2. to send out or give out something

Synonyms: emit, radiate, exude, emerge, flow, issue

Antonyms: withhold

Tips: Emanate comes from the Latin manare, "flow out." Think of something flowing from an origin or a person. Emanate is similar to the verb exude, which comes from the Latin root that means "to sweat." If something is emanating from someone or something it is flowing out, while if something is exuding from someone, it's almost "sweating" out of them. You could almost see the joy and excitement emanating (flowing) from the victorious teammates. She exudes (oozes, displays) confidence.

Usage Examples:

The smell of my grandmother's perfume emanates from her bedroom even when she isn't home. (emerges, radiates)

Charisma emanated from the young leader. (exuded, radiated)

The sun's rays emanate heat and energy for life. (emit, radiate)

Love and happiness emanate from the newlywed couple. (flow, exude)

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