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Definition: extremely thin and weak

Synonyms: thin, wasted, gaunt, haggard

Antonyms: plump, well-fed, robust

Tips: The verb to emaciate means "to make weak and very thin, especially through disease or starvation." Emaciated is usually used to describe people or animals, not inanimate objects.

Usage Examples:

Even though marathon runners are finely tuned athletes, my grandfather always says they look emaciated. (gaunt, haggard, thin)

The famine may emaciate an entire tribe of people. (weaken, make thin) verb

I read that runway models typically appear emaciated because they party too hard and eat too little. (thin, gaunt)

The young girl's emaciated appearance concerned her family and friends, who feared that she may have an eating disorder. (wasted, gaunt, thin)

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