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Definition: 1. hard to comprehend or define; 2. hard to isolate or identify; 3. tending to evade grasp or pursuit; 4. difficult to remember

Synonyms: ambiguous, evasive, deceptive, intangible, mysterious, fleeting, obscure

Antonyms: tangible, straightforward

Tips: Elusive is derived from the Latin eludere, "to elude." If a concept escapes you, it eludes you. When something is elusive it is hard to capture or causes confusion. Note: do not confuse elusive with its homonym illusive, which means "not real, based on illusion."

Usage Examples:

The vaccine seemed within reach, yet remained elusive to the researchers. (intangible, evasive)

The elusive quality of the quiet celebrity drove the media to pursue her in earnest. (evasive, mysterious)

The sales managerís efforts to contact the elusive company vice-president finally paid off after many, many attempts. (evasive)

For many people, love is elusive; they just canít seem to find the right person. (intangible, fleeting)

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