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Definition: 1. the ability to use language well and convincingly; 2. fine, moving language

Synonyms: expression, rhetoric, articulation, diction, expressiveness, oration


Tips: Although eloquence is usually used to describe speech, it can actually refer to any form of discourse. When somebody is eloquent or delivers an eloquent speech, he or she is articulate and well-spoken. Think, elegant communication. Eloquent is synonymous with articulate. Use eloquent to describe someone who communicates clearly, in a moving and emotional manner. Use articulate to describe someone who is able to communicate clearly and coherently.

Usage Examples:

She was an eloquent speaker who always kept the audience enraptured. (articulate, persuasive) adjective

The writer was known for his eloquence and detailed research into his subject matter. (rhetoric, expression)

His poise, charm, and eloquence made him a highly sought-after speaker. (expressiveness)

The best man was so eloquent in his toast to the newlyweds, the maid of honor was hesitant to follow him. (well-spoken, moving) adjective

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