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Definition: 1. to draw out; 2. to call forth

Synonyms: educe, evoke, draw out, extract, exact, obtain

Antonyms: suppress, cover, hide

Tips: Elicit should not be confused with its homonym, illicit. Illicit is an adjective and means either "illegal" or "contrary to generally accepted moral standards." The verb elicit means "to derive or obtain," as in, "elicit a response." Elicit is usually used to denote "obtaining" a response from someone.

Usage Examples:

My goal in sending out the email was to elicit as much information as possible from those in attendance at the meeting. (draw out, exact)

The principal's announcement that school was cancelled for the day elicited applause from nearly all the students. (evoked)

Jim was giving Liz the silent treatment, and she could not elicit a response from him to any of her questions. (extract, obtain)

She tried to elicit sympathy by breaking down in tears during the meeting. (obtain)

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