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Definition: 1. made up of elements from various sources; 2. choosing what is best or preferred from a variety of sources or styles

Synonyms: varied, diverse, heterogeneous, select, selective, discriminating

Antonyms: distinctive, narrow, homogeneous

Tips: Eclectic is derived from the Greek eklektikos, literally “picking out, selecting." Think, to chose from different sources. For example, an eclectic interior designer chooses design elements from various cultures and influences.

Usage Examples:

He has a very eclectic taste in literature: he likes everything from the intense classics like Joyce and Faulkner to easier reads like John Grisham and Dan Brown. (diverse)

She had an eclectic taste in music and was always listening to something new. (varied)

The office building had an eclectic mix of tenants--the gamut ran from blue-jean-wearing programmers, to accountants wearing suits and ties. (varied)

The art gallery had an eclectic assortment of artwork from around the world. (select, diverse)

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