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Definition: able to last for a long time without showing much wear

Synonyms: lasting, sturdy, tough, serviceable, strong, substantial, indestructible

Antonyms: fragile, frail

Tips: Durable comes from the Latin word durare, "to last." This is also the source of the word endure. Something that endures or is enduring is long lasting. Durable is used to refer to material objects, while enduring is used more for relationships, etc. The related noun durability refers to the ability of something to last.

Usage Examples:

Those tools are so durable I've had them my whole life. (tough, indestructible)

I need some durable work boots that will last me for a couple seasons. (sturdy, lasting)

Houses must be constructed of durable materials that will withstand time. (lasting, substantial, strong)

I don't trust the durability of those materials, and I think we should look for something of better quality. (sturdiness, strength, ability to last) noun

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