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Definition: 1. the act or state of dishonesty and deception; 2. the state of being twofold

Synonyms: deceit, insincerity, dishonesty, double-dealing, deception, guile

Antonyms: honesty, sincerity, truthfulness

Tips: The word duplicity is related to the word duplex, which refers to something having two parts. So, duplicity (or a person being duplicitous) refers to two sides used to deceive. A spy is a perfect example of duplicity, as a spy has to live two different lives. A duplicitous person will trick you by deception and having "two faces." A two-faced (duplicitous) person will put on whatever face he needs to manipulate you. The related verb dupe means "to fool, trick, deceive, or con." The related noun dupe refers to the person who was duped, "tricked and deceived." (i.e: The poor dupes were duped into investing in the scam.)

Usage Examples:

Iím sensing duplicity on this deal; Iím not sure I trust them. (dishonesty, double-dealing)

A solid contract signed by both parties is the best way to prevent duplicity on either side of the deal. (double-dealing, deception)

The degree of duplicity in the affair shocked all of Fred's friends, especially since he was thought to be an honest and upstanding member of the community. (deceit, deception, dishonesty)

I could tell the store manager was being duplicitous with her kindness in order to sell me more merchandise. (insincere, dishonest, deceitful) adjective

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