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Definition: 1. easily handled or managed; 2. willing to be taught or supervised

Synonyms: obedient, amenable, teachable, tractable, submissive, tame, controllable

Antonyms: truculent, disobedient

Tips: Docile comes from the Latin word docilis, which comes from docere, "to teach." Docile is an adjective used to describe someone who is obedient and easy to teach. Docile is often used to describe a person's calm and quiet demeanor, but this is really a byproduct of being easy to teach and manage, which is the primary definition for docile.

Usage Examples:

Despite what some may think, bearded dragons are docile lizards that rarely bite and actually make good pets. (submissive, tame)

The docile students formed an ideal classroom for the first-year teacher. (teachable, obedient)

The medication may have made the girl more docile, but it also tempered her enthusiasm. (tractable, submissive)

The puppy had a docile disposition and was the star of his obedience course. (obedient, teachable)

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