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Definition: 1. to go in different directions; 2. to differ; 3. to deviate

Synonyms: differ, swerve, deviate, separate, divide, fork, part, conflict

Antonyms: converge, agree

Tips: In mathematics, diverge can refer to a series of numbers with no limit or whose limit is infinite. The adjective form of diverge is divergent and the noun form is divergence. If someone has a divergent opinion, it differs from that of others--it's a differing opinion. Diverge also means "to differentiate from a creed or position normally taken," or to take different paths. Belief systems can diverge, suggestions for solutions may diverge from the original point, just as rays from the sun diverge from a common point.

Usage Examples:

When you reach paths that diverge in the maze, stay to the right. (separate, divide, fork)

It is important to respect people with opinions divergent from yours. (different) adjective

Because of our divergent business strategies, we have been able to stay ahead of consumer trends. (differing) adjective

You may find your creativity to blossom if you sometimes diverge from your regular routine. (deviate, part, differ)

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