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noun, verb

Definition: (v.) 1. to behave in a nervous and indecisive way; 2. to act in an agitated manner; (n.) a state of indecisiveness, agitation, and excitement

Synonyms: (v.) waver, vacillate, worry, falter, (n.) frenzy

Antonyms: decide

Tips: The word dither usually has a critical connotation to denote the action of someone who is nervously wavering back and forth and can't make up his or her mind. It is similar to vacillate, which also means "to waver," but if you dither, you waver in a nervous manner. When it serves as a noun, dither is most often used in the formulation: "to be in a dither about" something.

Usage Examples:

The girl was in a dither about what to wear to the big dance. (frenzy, indecisiveness) noun

I wish the bosses would not dither and just decide whether or not we are going to receive bonuses this year. (waver, vacillate) verb

Appearing flustered, she admitted to being in a dither about whether to go through with the blind date. (worry, frenzy) noun

We don't have time to sit here and dither; it's time to take action. (waver, worry) verb

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