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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) to disagree or to refrain from giving approval; (n.) disagreement or nonconformity

Synonyms: (v.) object, disagree, differ, (n.) objection, disagreement, nonconformity, discord

Antonyms: (v.) agree, consent, (n.) accord, harmony

Tips: Dissent often carries a religious connotation, meaning "disagreement with or breaking away from the established beliefs of a church." "Voices of dissent" is a common phrase used in the social context of a democratic society. Note: Do NOT confuse dissent with the similar sounding "descent" and "decent." Descent is a noun that means "a decline or the act of moving downward." Descent is an adjective that means "fitting, appropriate, or in good taste."

Usage Examples:

Most of those present at the town council meeting agreed with the new policy, but there were a few who expressed dissent. (disagreement) noun

The young man opted for a secular career rather than one in the ministry, because he dissented with the idea that priests should not marry. (disagreed, objected to) verb

There is common dissent within the rural community about the barring of fast-food restaurants in the area. (discord, disagreement) noun

The decision passed unanimously, without a single dissent. (objection) noun

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