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Definition: 1. personality or temperament, including a person's typical mood and attitude; 2. a natural tendency; 3. arrangement, organization, or control; 4. a settlement or resolution

Synonyms: personality, temperament, temper, character, settlement, nature, tendency, inclination, arrangement, control


Tips: Disposition has a number of different definitions. The most common usage is synonymous with temperament. Temperament generally refers to inherent characteristics--a person's most prevailing and common mood. Disposition also generally describes a person's usual attitude toward life and most common mood, but it can change. For example, he has a mellow temperament (personality), so I was surprised by his hostile and belligerent disposition (behavior, mood). Disposition can also mean "inclination" and when used in this manner is very close to in meaning to predisposition.

Usage Examples:

Few things could upset Mary's cheerful disposition. (character, personality, mood)

Harry has a well-known disposition for getting himself into trouble. (tendency, inclination)

The disposition of the matter came at an ideal time for the company. (settlement, resolution)

Because she had a naturally calm disposition, she didn't like to be around high-strung people. (nature, personality)

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