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Definition: unemotional and therefore unbiased

Synonyms: objective, impartial, fair, detached, disinterested, cool, unbiased

Antonyms: passionate, emotional, biased

Tips: Although dispassionate might sound as though it refers to someone who is devoid of feeling or passion, dispassionate is actually most often used in a positive sense to refer to someone whose views, statements, and opinions are not clouded by emotional reaction or personal biases: "we need a dispassionate (objective, impartial) perspective as we are all too emotional about the issue."

Usage Examples:

The police were able to catch the criminal with the help of a dispassionate observer who simply told officers what she had seen when they interviewed her. (unemotional, impartial)

With the mounting tension between the two groups, a dispassionate mediator is needed to facilitate further discussions. (fair, calm, unbiased)

The dispassionate critic had no pre-conceived notions about the director, but his first impression of the movie was negative. (detached, objective)

The attorney explained the outcome of the trial in a clear and dispassionate manner. (objective, detached)

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