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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) to cause somebody to feel discouraged or disappointed; (n.) a feeling of hopelessness, disappointment, or discouragement

Synonyms: (v.) distress, disturb, worry, daunt, discourage, appall, disconcert, (n.) hopelessness, disappointment, discouragement, distress, dread, consternation

Antonyms: (v.) encourage; (n.) hope, happiness

Tips: Dismay is similar in meaning to appall and daunt. Appall, however, implies more shock than dismay, while daunt suggests a greater level of submission, fear, or cowering. If someone is dismayed, he or she is disconcerted or discouraged, especially because of fear or alarm. Dismay means "discouragement or disappointment." A second, less common use or dismay is to denote alarm, but it is NOT synonymous with "confusion." You may hear someone say, "You can imagine my dismay when I heard the news." This can either mean "disappointment" or "alarm," but not "confusion." The related adjective dismayed means struck with fear, dread, concern, or consternation.

Usage Examples:

The parents were dismayed when they learned that their child was struggling in school. (upset, worried, distressed) adjective

The spectators were filled with dismay when their favorite player sustained an injury. (alarm, worry) noun

The actor's dismay was evident when he didn't get the starring role in the movie. (disappointment, distress) noun

He looked at me with dismay in his eyes, and I knew I had disappointed him. (distress, discouragement) noun

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