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Definition: 1. a desire to avoid something; 2. a mild aversion to something

Synonyms: distaste, reluctance, unwillingness

Antonyms: inclination

Tips: The adjective form of disinclination is disinclined. It is usually used in the formulation: someone is disinclined to (do) something. Disinclination is often preceded by "strong," indicating vehemence against doing something. Disinclination is not as strong as an aversion to something, as it is more of a reluctance and distaste, versus a hatred or fear of something.

Usage Examples:

I have a disinclination to doing housework. (reluctance, distaste)

I am disinclined to answer your request at this time. (unwilling, reluctant) adjective

At this point in his life, the idealistic man has a strong disinclination to working for a large corporation where he won't make a difference. (distaste, unwillingness)

My disinclination to get up and go to work in the morning grows stronger every day. (reluctance)

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