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verb, adjective

Definition: (v.) 1. to recognize or identify a difference between things; 2. to treat members of a group unfairly because of prejudice; (adj.) characterized by the ability to see or make distinctions between things

Synonyms: (v.) discern, distinguish, differentiate, judge, favor, bias, (adj.) discriminating, discerning, perceptive, choosy

Antonyms: (adj.) indiscriminate

Tips: Discriminate , like the words discrete and discretionary, comes from the Latin word discretus, "to distinguish." This original meaning, "to distinguish between things," is still the derivative of the adjective form of discriminate, "having the skill and talent for recognizing differences and distinction." The verb form has taken on a negative connotation in modern times, although people still use it in its original sense. Discrimination is a modern concept having to do with negative, unproductive, or abusive kinds of distinctions, such as those exemplified by racial prejudice.

Usage Examples:

If you are color-blind, you will not be able to discriminate between red and blue on a color chart. (distinguish) verb

Any kind of discrimination based on race, gender, or age is illegal in most places of work. (prejudicial distinction, bias, favor) noun

The highly discriminate chef only cooked with organic vegetables, because he said there was a marked freshness to them. (discriminating, discerning) noun

She doesn't have very discriminate taste in clothing and wears pretty much whatever is easiest to put on in the morning. (choosy, discerning)

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