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Definition: 1. to refuse to believe something; 2. to cast doubt on the validity or accuracy of something; 3. to harm a person's reputation by making him or her appear untrustworthy or wrong

Synonyms: deny, disbelieve, discount, mistrust, question, disprove, challenge, defame

Antonyms: affirm, credit, believe

Tips: Discredit comes from the Latin word credere, "to believe," from which we also get our word credence, "belief." One of the verb definitions of the word credit is "trust and believe." If you discredit someone, you take away belief in or from them.

Usage Examples:

An editorial in a widely-read scientific journal discredited all of the young scientist's research. (challenged, discounted)

Surveys show that most people discredit the idea of life on other planets, but many scientists believe it is possible. (discount, disbelieve)

The politician lied during a debate, and his entire campaign message was discredited based on that one lie. (discounted, defamed)

Just because you don't like him, doesn't give you the right to discredit his contributions. (question, discount, challenge)

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