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Definition: 1. to show disapproval of someone or something, especially by using discouragement; 2. to embarrass someone

Synonyms: discourage, disapprove, disfavor, abash, disconcert, chagrin, confuse, discompose, embarrass, shame

Antonyms: encourage, reassure

Tips: Discountenance comes from the Old French word contenance, "demeanor," plus the Latin prefix dis-, meaning "against". If you discountenance someone, their self-assured demeanor will change to its opposite. Discountenance can also be used as a noun to denote disapproval, and it is a more formal term when used in this sense.

Usage Examples:

Amy was somewhat discountenanced to discover, later in the afternoon, that she had put her shirt on backwards that morning. (chagrined, abashed) adjective

The lawyer's relentless questioning discountenanced the witness. (confused, discomposed)

My personal trainer discountenanced my chocolate addiction. (disapproved, discouraged)

I don't discountenance your office romance, but I don't think you should be so open about it either. (disapprove of, discourage)

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