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Definition: disagreement or strife between people, things, or situations

Synonyms: disharmony, tension, friction, clashing, conflict, contention, disagreement, dispute, dissension, disunity, strife, wrangling, antagonism

Antonyms: agreement, harmony, unity

Tips: Discord comes from the Latin word discours, literally "heart apart." If there is discord between people, their hearts are far apart. Things may also exhibit discord. The related adjective discordant describes something that is in discord with something else, for example a musical note that is out of tune, or loud, clashing music. Discord is a more sophisticated way of saying disagreement and conflict. Discord can encompass both strife (bitter rivalry) as well as contention (disagreement).

Usage Examples:

There was discord between the two countries for seven generations, until the people finally decided they had had enough of war. (strife, conflict)

The discordant sounds of the children's first instrumental concert grated on the ears of all but the most doting parents. (clashing, disharmonious) adjective

The discord between the two teams made for a highly heated soccer match. (antagonism, friction, strife)

What's the discord between you two? Why don't you get along? (dispute, conflict, friction, disagreement)

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