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Definition: 1. to become, or make something become, wider or larger; 2. in speech or writing, to add details to clarify the meaning or expound on something at length

Synonyms: expand, broaden, distend, enlarge, stretch, swell, widen, elaborate, expound, expatiate, amplify

Antonyms: contract, condense

Tips: Dilate comes from the Latin word latus, "wide." It means "to make something wider," whether actively (to dilate something) or passively (something dilates). You have probably seen or heard of someone getting his or her eyes dilated. This is when the pupil is dramatically enlarged by an eye doctor in order to examine the eyes. When dilate is used to mean "to expand or elaborate" on a subject, it is often followed by the word "upon."

Usage Examples:

When a bright light shines directly into the eyes, the pupils contract; when it is dark in the room, they dilate in order to take in more light. (expand)

In order to perform the operation, the doctor will have to dilate your blood vessels. (enlarge, expand)

Let me dilate upon this point so you truly understand my meaning. (expound, elaborate)

He likes to dilate upon how he would fix our political system if he were in office. (expatiate, expound)

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