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Definition: an authoritative saying, statement, or pronouncement

Synonyms: command, decree, order, behest, edict, mandate, injunction, assertion, declaration, adage, motto, maxim

Antonyms: request

Tips: Dictum comes from the Latin word dicere, "to say." In modern usage it denotes a proclamation in an official or legal context. It is also an opinion voiced by a judge, but having no bearing on the case at hand. The related verb dictate means "to speak the words of a text to be written down by someone else" or "to rule over and make decisions for others."

Usage Examples:

The governor's dictum, stating that property taxes would be raised by 50 percent, was extremely unpopular with taxpayers. (decree, declaration)

Because my parents were paying for my college education, they felt they had the right to dictate the classes I should take. (assert, command) verb

The judge's dictum was meant to give the jury members some thought and pause before handing in their final decision on the case. (opinion, declaration, maxim)

My landlord passed down a dictum stating that I must move out by the end of the month. (order, mandate)

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