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verb, noun

Definition: (v.) 1. to give orders or demands with authority; 2. to speak into a tape recorder for later transcription of the text or to speak text to somebody writing it down; (n.) 1. guiding principals that govern how you behave; 2. an order telling people what they must do.

Synonyms: (v.) state, order, command, direct, instruct, (n.) principal, guideline, directive, mandate

Antonyms: (v.) request, ask

Tips: For the verb dictate, think of the related word dictator. A dictator dictates (commands, orders) with absolute authority. A General in the military dictates (orders, determines) what his underlings must do. A company's rules dictate (determine) what you must do if you want to work for that company. The noun dictate refers either to guiding principals that you follow in life or to an order or command.

Usage Examples:

Devout Catholics follow the dictates handed down by the Vatican. (guiding principals) noun

I had to dictate letters and e-mails to my assistant while my arm was in a cast, and I couldn't type myself. (speak aloud) verb

The tennis club rules dictate that you must wear non-marking shoes when walking on the tennis courts. (order, state) verb

The Home Owners Association at the condominium complex created a new dictate that prohibits guests from parking in the complex parking lot. (rule, order) noun

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