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Definition: 1. delicate, gauzy, or transparent; 2. insubstantial or fragile due to being extremely faint or slight

Synonyms: ethereal, transparent, delicate, faint, fragile, sheer, translucent, thin

Antonyms: solid, opaque

Tips: Diaphanous comes from the Greek word diaphainein, "to show through." It is most often used to describe fabrics that are gauzy and transparent.

Usage Examples:

The butterfly's diaphanous wings fluttered weakly in the wind. (fragile, delicate)

The dancers wore diaphanous costumes that seemed to float like clouds around their bodies. (gauzy, transparent)

She wore a diaphanous gown made of chiffon, but didn't realize just how transparent it was. (sheer, thin)

The bride wore a diaphanous veil through which her groom could see her beautiful smile. (transparent, delicate, sheer)

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