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Definition: 1. the act of slanderously or maliciously damaging someone's reputation or esteem; 2. a reduction in or taking away of quality, value, or significance; 3. something that detracts from something else

Synonyms: aspersion, defamation, depreciation, belittlement, denigration, devaluing, reduction

Antonyms: reinforcement, praise, compliment

Tips: Detraction comes from the Latin word detrahere, "to take away, pull down, disparage." Its modern meanings both retain a sense of taking something away: taking away value, or taking away or pulling down the solidity of someone's good reputation. The verb detract means "to take away" and usually refers to something detracting (taking away) value or perceived value from something else.

Usage Examples:

The vacant lot next door shouldn't be a significant detraction from the value of the property. (devaluing, reduction)

The critic's malicious detraction almost ruined the actor's career. (aspersion, denigration)

The fact that you're not the best public speaker shouldn't detract from your ability to lead this company. (reduce, take away) verb

I'd like a chance to respond to the detractions against me. (aspersions, defamation)

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