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adjective, verb

Definition: (adj.) 1. deserted and bare; 2. alone and without hope; 3. showing the effects of abandonment and neglect; (v.) 1. lay waste to or ruin something; 2. to leave somebody in loneliness

Synonyms: (adj.) barren, lifeless, gloomy, dilapidated, bleak, dreary, abandoned, bereft, destroyed, devastated, forlorn, forsaken, (v.) despoil, devastate, destroy, sadden, depress

Antonyms: (adj.) vibrant, teeming, cheerful, (v.) fix, better, stay, cheer

Tips: Desolate comes from the Latin word desolare, "to leave alone." Its modern meaning can be either active or passive: as an adjective, it describes something that has been left alone or barren; as a verb, it describes the act of causing something or someone to be desolate. When used as an adjective, it is pronounced with a short "a" in the last syllable; when used as a verb the last syllable has a long "a." The related noun desolation denotes sadness from abandonment, a destructive event, or a bleak or sad atmosphere.

Usage Examples:

In the midst of the desolate desert landscape, you will sometimes find colorful flowers blooming. (barren) adjective

After the death of his beloved golden retriever, George's desolation was so great that nothing could comfort him for weeks. (sadness, loneliness, bleakness) noun

The old house stood empty for years and had been desolated by multiple floods. (destroyed, devastated) verb

Laurie felt that she was lost and wanted to get off the desolate road and back to a more populated area as quickly as possible. (abandoned, forsaken, barren) adjective

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