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Definition: expressing a low opinion or negative criticism of something

Synonyms: disparaging, belittling, damaging, defamatory, depreciative, unfavorable, injurious, uncomplimentary

Antonyms: complimentary, flattering, appreciative

Tips: Derogatory comes from the Latin word derogare, "to take away in part, diminish, or detract from." Something derogatory (a comment, a review, an opinion) detracts from or diminishes whatever it refers to. But the modern meaning also includes a connotation of negativity; a derogatory remark is deliberately insulting or disparaging. Derogatory is sometimes used as a critique of someone who is overly disparaging--"I thought his derogatory (overly negative) comments were inappropriate."

Usage Examples:

The atmosphere around the office grew chilly after Edward heard his coworkers making derogatory remarks about his hairstyle. (uncomplimentary, belittling)

The critic's derogatory review made it clear that she had enjoyed almost nothing about the play. (unfavorable, disparaging)

Her derogatory comments about my work were not constructive and only made me less motivated. (disparaging, unfavorable)

The remark was so hurtful and derogatory, everyone was shocked that she would say such a thing. (disparaging, belittling)

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