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Definition: to ridicule or show contempt for someone or something

Synonyms: gibe, jeer, mock, disparage, ridicule, scoff, scorn

Antonyms: praise, respect, encourage

Tips: Deride comes from the Latin word ridere, "to laugh," from which we also get our modern word risible, "funny." But the modern meaning of deride carries a further connotation of laughing at something or someone with contempt, not just because it's funny. The noun derision refers to treating someone with contempt or scorn.

Usage Examples:

Bill's friends derided him for his obvious fright during the scary movie. (mocked, ridiculed)

"What a ridiculous outfit," Sue said with derision, "don't you know you shouldn’t wear white shoes with black socks?" (scorn) noun

The students derided the nervous substitute teacher to the point that they made her cry. (jeered, ridiculed)

When her husband derided her attempt at making her first apple pie, she threw it at him in frustration. (mocked, disparaged)

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