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Definition: 1. to turn aside, especially from a straight course or fixed direction; 2. to prevent something from happening; 3. to draw a person's attention away from something

Synonyms: divert, deviate, bend, diverge, swerve, turn, veer, ricochet, sidetrack, avert

Antonyms: accept, continue, encourage

Tips: Deflect comes from the Latin word deflectere, "to bend away." A physical image to associate with this word is a projectile, such as a ball, coming at you, but you raise your arm to stop it, and it bounces off in a different direction because you have deflected it.

Usage Examples:

Mary deflected Jim's question about the missing report by bringing up the issue of the hiring committee's lack of resolution. (diverted, sidetracked)

A space defense system would scan the skies for possible danger and deflect any asteroids on a collision course with the earth. (divert, turn)

The goalie deflected the goal that would have won the game for the opposing team. (diverted)

We deflected the controversy with a carefully executed publicity campaign. (averted, diverged, sidetracked)

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