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Definition: 1. a conspicuous and intentional act, especially a very bad or very good one; 2. a document of ownership

Synonyms: action, feat, endeavor, accomplishment, exploit, title, charter, record

Antonyms: inaction, failure, stoppage, break-down

Tips: A deed is a legal record of a transaction. A deed is created to legally bind you to the action listed on the deed. A deed can also be an action, usually one that is pretty important or significant.

Usage Examples:

Truly altruistic, good deeds are done anonymously. (acts)

Helping the old lady cross the street was my good deed for the day. (act)

I received a copy of the deed of land, showing that I was now listed as the owner. (document of ownership, title)

The International court sentenced the dictator to life in prison for committing hundreds of crimes and evil deeds. (acts)

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