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noun, verb

Definition: (n.) an official order; (v.) to proclaim or enact an official order

Synonyms: (n.) edict, directive, dictum, command, mandate, order, ruling, proclamation, (v.) proclaim, declare, pronounce

Antonyms: (n.) suggestion, (v.) suggest

Tips: Decree comes from the Latin word decretum, "to decide" or "pronounce a decision." Decree describes the official announcement of a decision, usually made by a leader or government. It may also be used facetiously to indicate that someone is proclaiming an official-sounding rule. (i.e: "'No more TV on weeknights,' Dad decreed.")

Usage Examples:

In 1761, the governing council of Salem, Massachusetts decreed that if a woman were found to be a witch, she would be burned at the stake. (ruled, mandated) verb

The decree which abolished slavery established the foundations of a nation committed to equality for all. (ruling, edict) noun

The University decreed an end to on-campus keg parties. (declared, proclaimed) verb

The executive board decreed an end to "Casual Fridays" after employees began to abuse the rule by wearing torn and dirty clothes. (declared, proclaimed) verb

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