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Definition: describes trees and shrubs that shed their leaves each autumn

Synonyms: leafy, temporary, shedding

Antonyms: coniferous, needled

Tips: The origin of deciduous is the Latin word cadere, "to fall." Its literal meaning is "tending to fall" or "temporary." Think of leaves falling in autumn. If you want to appear even more knowledgeable: coniferous trees are trees with cones, like pine trees with pine cones. These trees do not shed their leaves like deciduous trees.

Usage Examples:

The deciduous forests of the northeast are inhabited by many different kinds of birds. (leafy trees)

Before deciduous trees shed their leaves, they often turn brilliant shades of red, orange, or yellow. (leafy, shedding)

I prefer coniferous pines to deciduous oaks, as I don't like how barren and ugly deciduous trees look when they lose their leaves. (leafy, shedding)

I love visiting the deciduous forest in the fall, as all the leaves change from green to yellow and red. (leafy, shedding)

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